HERIBERTO J. SOSA    herb@unitycoalition.org                                              
A proven track record in verbal & written communications & excellent public relations/cause marketing successes

Herb Sosa serves as Founder & President of Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida.  Sosa also is Pubisher|Editor-In-chief
of AMBIENTE Magazine, the first & only LGBT publication offered in English, Spanish & Portuguese since 2003.
Mr. Sosa brings over 20 years of corporate and not-for-profit leadership experience in the community. Previously, Mr.
Sosa was Corporate Creative Director for Burdines Dept. stores, was Executive Director of Miami Design
Preservation League and the Art Deco Weekend Festival in Miami Beach.

In 1995 Mr. Sosa created and developed the Ba-Balu Store concept in Miami & Miami Beach, earning the store the
unique distinction of being named one of Conde Nast Traveler Magazines top 100 destinations in the world in
1996.   Mr. Sosa has receive various career and personal accolades from his peers, including the Up and Comers
Business Leaders Award (1996), City of Miami Beach Herb Sosa Day proclamation (1997), and featured in Cafe
Con Leche, a documentary on first- generation Cuban-Americans (1996).  Sosa served as chairman of Miami
Beach's Historic Preservation Board for over six years, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Miami Design
Preservation League, Miami Beach Community Development Corp., Shelbourne & Fernwood HIV/AIDS Housing,
and variety of other organizations throughout South Florida.  
In January 2004, Herb Sosa was named one of Tentaciónes Magazines Top Ten Latina/o activists in the U.S. and in
2005 was named one of OUT magazines Top 100 LGBT Activists and featured on LOGO TV.  On April 2008 Sosa
was named Terra.com's Activist of the Month. In 2009 Sosa received a City Proclamation from Miami Beach – Herb
Sosa Day - for his community work,  was nominated for a Glaad Media Award in 2009 for Outstanding Digital
Journalism and was named one of the 25 Most Influential GLBT Latinos by miapogeo.com, currently serves as
chairman of the City of Miami Beach Historic Preservation Design Review Board and on May 2011 was named one
of 5 "People To Know" in Miami Beach by the Miami Herald.
DAVID A.C. TURLEY     dturley@unitycoalition.org                                            

David A.C. Turley joined the Human Rights Campaign in October 2009.  As a field organizer based in New York City,
David is responsible for field and political activities in the Northeastern U.S. David helps develop and implement field
strategies to pass federal, state and local priorities and works with local HRC volunteer leaders and coalition
Immediately prior to joining HRC, David served as LGBT liaison to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance during his
2009 election campaign. As a political campaigner, activist and community organizer, David has dedicated his career
to engaging and empowering the public. He served as a founding board member for the Young Professionals’
Council for Choice of NARAL Pro-Choice New York back in 2004.
David takes great pride in engaging and organizing young people in the community to embrace and work toward a
cause they feel passionate about. During his career, David has lived in four other countries — Spain, Argentina, Italy
and the United Kingdom. From 2005-07, David worked for the Ministry of Education in Spain as a consultant in the
capital city if Madrid, developing a national pilot project for bilingual education at all grade levels. Back in the States,
David has organized for candidates in California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and South
Dakota. By working directly with minority populations in the U.S., he is sensitive to the cultural nuances that shape our
attitudes and decisions. He is especially passionate about issues that affect the LGBT and Latino communities.
In 2008, David worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and then for President Obama and Sen. Udall’s
election campaigns with the Colorado Democratic Party. As the Latino outreach director for the Denver metro area,
David was involved in the unprecedented voter registration drive and get-out-the-vote effort in the Latino community.
David has a B.A. in Latin American studies from Vanderbilt University
2015 Board of Directors | Junta Directiva

Herb Sosa

Dr. Ken Carrington-Wilcox
Legends Ball Coordinator

Heather Susan Carr

Michael Gongora
Legal Counsel

Weslee Lim
2014 LGBT Scholarship Recipient

Aryah Lester
Trans issues

Christopher Padron
Video Production Coordinator

Harold Sloan-Marrero
Elevate Coordinator

Michael "Moses" Stein
Membership & Fundraising

Hernan Valverde
Vendor & Sponsor Coordinator

Sasha Westerman-Keuning
Education & Legal

Mari Zapata
Volunteer Coordinator
In Memory...
Mr. Penela was a nationally respected civil activist, preservationist and community leader.
As a  spokesperson for LGBT issues, HIV/AIDS and civil rights, Mr. Penelas served on varoius community boards, as well as on the
Board of Advisors of Unity Coalition.
Mr. Penelas passed away July 2006 and will be greatly missed.

Herb Sosa – President, Luisa Rondón-Lassen -Vice President, Christian Aguilar - Treasurer “Ron” Saul Brenesky- Secretary, Dahlia Canes, Dr. Laura Leyva,
Isabel Morgado, Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg      ADVISORS: Doralba Muñoz

Herb Sosa – President, Luisa Rondón-Lassen -Vice President, Christian Aguilar - Treasurer “Ron” Saul Brenesky- Secretary, Dahlia Canes, Dr. Laura Leyva,
Isabel Morgado, Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg      ADVISORS: Doralba Muñoz

Herb Sosa - President, “Ron” Saul Brenesky - Vice President, Christian Aguilar - Treasurer, Miguel Trujillo - Secretary, Dahlia Canes, Maria DeLak, Dr.
Laura Leyva
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg      ADVISORS: Luis Penelas, Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega

Herb Sosa – President, “Ron” Saul Brenesky - Vice President, Christian Aguilar – Treasurer, Dahlia Canes – Secretary, Arturo Alvarez, Alex Fernandez, Axel
Javier, Efren Martinez Pulgarón, Dr. Laura Leyva, Miguel Trujillo                                            
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg      

Herb Sosa - President, “Ron” Saul Brenesky - Vice President, Christian Aguilar - Treasurer, Dahlia Canes - Secretary, Arturo Alvarez, Alex Fernandez, Axel
Javier, Dr. Laura Leyva, Efren Martinez-Pulgarón, Miguel Trujillo                                           
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg      

Herb Sosa - President, “Ron” Saul Brenesky - Vice President, Christian Aguilar - Treasurer, Dahlia Canes - Secretary, Dr. Laura Leyva,
Dr. Arturo Alvarez, Alexis Fernandez, Dr. Manuel Laureano Vega, Efren Martinez-Pulgarón, Oscar Medina, Tony Rodriguez
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg    

Herb Sosa - President, Dahlia Canes, Dr. Laura Leyva, Dr. Arturo Alvarez, Christian Aguilar, “Ron” Saul Brenesky, Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega, Efren
Martinez-Pulgarón, Oscar Medina
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg   

Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida, Inc.

Herb Sosa | President, Dahlia Canes, Dr. Laura Leyva, Dr. Arturo Alvarez, Christian Aguilar, “Ron” Saul Brenesky, Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega, Efren
Martinez-Pulgarón, Oscar Medina
OF COUNSEL: Alan Ginsberg

Herb Sosa|President, Dahlia Canes, David Carcache-Guzman, Armando Diaz, Jr.,Efren Martinez-Pulgarón

Herb Sosa|President, Vanessa Brito, Dahlia Canes, Milan Rodriguez,  Luis E. Gonzalez, Eddie I Sierra, David A.C. Turley

Herb Sosa | President, Luis E. Gonzalez- Treasurer, Vanessa Brito, Ile Morales, Cathy Toruño,
Antonio Lopez Ferez, Michael "Moses" Stein, Darvin "Will" Williams
BOARD OF ADVISORS | Walker Burttschell, Linda Horton, Milan Rodriguez, Tim Harrises, David A.C. Turley
OF COUNSEL: Darvin Williams

Herb Sosa | President, Luis E. Gonzalez- Treasurer, Ile Morales, Cathy Toruño, Antonio Lopez Ferez, Michael "Moses" Stein, Darvin "Will" Williams
BOARD OF ADVISORS | Walker Burttschell, Linda Horton, Milan Rodriguez, Tim Harrises, David A.C. Turley
OF COUNSEL: Darvin Williams

Herb Sosa | President, Luis E. Gonzalez- Treasurer, Ile Morales, Cathy Toruño, Maria Lago, Antonio Lopez Ferez, Michael "Moses" Stein,
Darvin "Will" Williams (0f counsel)
BOARD OF ADVISORS | Linda Horton, Milan Rodriguez, Tim Harrises, David A.C. Turley

Herb Sosa | President, Luis E. Gonzalez- Treasurer,  Maria Lago, Max Brava, David Kessler, Antonio Lopez Ferez, Michael "Moses" Stein, Dr. Ken Wilcox
BOARD OF ADVISORS | Linda Horton, Ile Morales, Milan Rodriguez, Tim Harrises, David A.C. Turley

Herb Sosa | President,Angel Camacho, Michael Gongora - Of Counsel, Aryah Lester, Christopher Padron, Michael "Moses" Stein,
Sasha Westerman-Keuning, Ken Wilcox, Weslee Lim - Jr. Board member & 204 LGBT Scholarship recipient

BOARD OF ADVISORS | Max Brava, David Kessler, Maria Lago, Milan Rodriguez, David A.C. Turley
MILAN RODRIGUEZ       mrodriguez@unitycoalition.org
Milan Rodriguez is one of Miami’s leading graphic designers, owner of the popular website “Milancita.com” and a
successful nightclub promoter. As a graphic designer she has designed for top 10 companies such as the Carlisle
Development Group among others. Her website, Milancita.com, has had over 120,000 hits since its launch three years
ago. Milancita.com was recently named “Website of the Year” at the Latino Press Awards. With the creation of this
website, a dream was born that someday Milan would be recognized as having contributed something positive to the
gay community through a work that she has done, and loved, all of her life. The long hours, the sleepless nights and
the thousands of pictures have all contributed to this accomplishment.

Milán Rodríguez, creativamente  reconocida como Milancita.com   
Cubana-Brasilera Estudio Comunicaciones, Diseño Grafico y Luego estudio Diseño de Website en el Miami Dade
Community Collage, especializándose en Flash, una técnica novedosa para crear impresionantes sitios de Internet.
Esta certificada por Microsoft como Especialista de Software que produce esta gran Empresa, también Milancita es
certificada por Adobe, la Poderosa compañía de Software como, Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Premiere, In Design,
After Effects, Encore, Audition y muchos mas, Milancita tiene una tercera certificación por la Mundialmente conocida
empresa de Software Macromedia, como especialista en Flash.
Hoy por hoy podemos decir que Milancita y su reconocido website
Milancita.com son un Orgullo de nuestra
comunidad Latina.
All the responsibilities relating to upcoming and future events that UC|CU will host and/or will participate in. They will organize and
set-up the event, as well as handle all procedures prior to the event. This can include contacting vendors, determining locations for
events, and ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.  Committee will oversee Leaders. Legends & Lovelies Lecture Series,
Exhibits, Workshops and all other UC|CU Events.

Overseeing & ensuring that UC|CU is presented in a positive light and ensuring that UC|CU is associated with individuals & orgs that
will endorse and promote our cause and mission.
coverage, Board Member & Donor recruitment, UC|CU Member Card promotion and all other forms of public relations.

Oversees all financial & accounting for UC|CU. Chair & committee handle all money related issues such as contacting prospective
donors for sponsorship, and the development of a budget that will allow UC|CU to properly manage their finances and for new funding
ideas to be developed for the organization.

Communicate with all members and potential members who support UC|CU and are interested in helping with our mission.
Committee will oversee all aspects of volunteering including event volunteer recruitment, scheduling and logistics.

Committee is responsible for all distribution of UC|CU Questionnaires, their mailing & collection, presentation to board for
consideration, and coordinating of phone banks, promos & special events relating to political endorsements.

This elected group serves as advisors to the UC|CU Board of Directors on issues of policy, mission, education & membership, and
will assist on fundraising & promotion of UC|CU programming & mission.      
2015 Board of Directors | Junta Directiva
Board of Advisors|Junta de Asesores
Board of Advisors
| Junta de Asesores

Max Brava
Immigration & Binational issues

Milan Rodriguez
Equality, Women & Trans Issues

David A.C. Turley
State & National Issues of Interest

David Kessler
Education and Programming

Celebrate ORGULLO
2013 Board of Directors
| Junta Directiva

Herb Sosa
Hernan Valverde
Dr. Ken Wilcox
Michael Stein
MICHAEL " Moses" STEIN    mstein@unitycoalition.org

Michael “Moses” Stein has been an active & productive volunteer for UC|CU for many years, culminating in his
appointment to our board in 2010.  As a community activist & business owner, Stein has been involved in local
issues for over a decade, and been passionate about equal rights, immigration and historic preservation for
most of his adult life.  

Max Brava has over twenty years of experience in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. He is a true
professional in the world of style and design. He has worked with some of the most remarkable design houses in
the world. These include Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and more. Max Brava has also
been a staunch advocate for justice and equality, he finds himself in a new and personal battle. His love & life
partner is not a US citizen.  Max and his husband (married a year ago) are now fighting for the right to stay together.  
This emotionally profound event in Max’s life has propelled him into  something he never imagined….A life of
activism…the life of a warrior.
CHRISTOPHER PADRON            cpadron@unitycoalition.org

Christopher Padron has been building his career as a creative artist in Filmmaking and TV production. He was
engaged with a good number of short films and documentary films as Director, Editor, Writer, or Producer, or
Associate Producer. As an independent filmmaker, he has demonstrated proficiency in scripting, filming and use
of all types of professional video cameras and studio editing technologies.
Christopher Founded his own production company named CP Production, from where he organized number of
teams of artists and led production team members to serve clients’ needs of project management and production
tasks in South Florida. Very recently he along with other production partners has raised Unity Coalition/Coalicion
Unida as the Board Member. He is interested to exploit his experiences and skills to suitable positions in TV
Production, Film Industry and Retail Management.     Christopher is now pursuing for Master’s of Business
Administration (MBA) in Marketing Management from American InterContinental University, Miami, Florida and
expected to be graduated in 2013. Earlier, he completed his Bachelor’s on Fine Arts (BFA) with Cinematography
and Film/Video Production from Miami International University of Arts and Design, Florida (2007-2011). He is also
certified from Apple for ‘Final Cut Studio Pro’ and ‘Protool’ program software.
Christopher owns excellent communication and organizational skills. He is a native speaker in both English and
Spanish and thereby competent to serve as bilinguals. He has also outstanding customer service skills achieved
through achieved through experienced in sales, retail marketing, and fashion expert. He is willing to utilize his
marketing experiences and technical capabilities to projects and productions involving sales and generate money
for donations.     
Christopher is an active contributor to humanitarian support organizations. His short term goal is to deliver and
execute film and media project based on LGBT community at South Florida and eventually starting his own
network channel. In the long term, Christopher is looking to open a non-profit organization, providing all forms of
Art Education and Media Communication to low income communities, and Fundraising for AIDS and Breast
Cancer patients nationwide.
DR. KEN CARRINGTON-WILCOX    ken@unitycoalition.org
Dr. Ken Carrington-Wilcox is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, receiving his doctorate from NSU in 2001.  After
practicing in the US for a few years, he moved to SE Asia to work within program developmental and advocacy
programs for mental health, child protection, anti-trafficking, and activism.  His overseas experience also includes
Eastern African nations, Europe and the Middle East fighting for those most at-risk and in need. Since returning
the USA, he has been active in media and philanthropy with major interests focusing on advocacy and awareness,
LGBT issues, victim services, international program development, clinical psychology, media, politics, government
and non-government organizations.
David S. Kessler, LCSW is a Life Improvement Specialist™ who has been helping people live fuller, happier lives
for over 20 years. He works with individuals, couples and groups, offering Counseling, Psychotherapy and Life
Coaching services.
His approach is focused to meet your specific needs. David utilizes a variety of tools, styles and techniques to give
you what you need and help you identify and achieve your goals. His objective is to provide you with the tools,
support and guidance to help you, based upon your unique life situation.
David specializes in: Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Improving Relationships, Compulsive
Eating/Behaviors, Grieving and Coping with Loss, Low Self Esteem, Coping with Medical/Chronic Illness, Goal
Setting and Achievement, Sexual Identity/LGBT Issues.

Aryah Lester, speaker/author/educator, is a transwoman of color from New York that has been a Miami-Dade
resident since 2005.  Ms. Lester is the current chair for the State of Florida Health Department's Transgender Work
Group, and a member of: the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership, Prevention Committee and County Trans Work
Group.  She also sits as a member on the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
Transgender Networking Group.  This year, Aryah Lester opened the Trans-Miami Center, as well as continuing the
network of her National Alliance of Transgender Advocates and Leaders (NATAL).            

Maria brings years of experience in the Federal & Educational worlds. Her expertise in Grant writing & review is
excellent, and has been invloved in the AIDS & LGBT Communities as an activist for decades.

Gongora has been Lead community association litigator in the Miami office of Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. since 2005.
He served as the first & only openly gay elected commissioner in the city of Miami Beach from Nov 2009 to Nov 2013,
representing the interests of Miami Beach residents in good government.
He is a graduate of the University of Miami, Class of 1994 · J.D., Law, Cum Laude · Coral Gables, Florida,
and attended Lakewood High School in Saint Petersburg, Florida
SASHA WESTERMAN-KEUNING    sasha@unitycoalition.org
Sasha Westerman-Keuning is one of the leading immigration lawyers in South Florida.  She understands that
when people hire an attorney, especially an immigration attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful
situations. These people need someone who cares about them.  She prides herself on ensuring that her clients
not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the support and resources they deserve. She regularly
represents clients throughout South Florida, including Dade and Broward counties as well as the Florida Keys and
commonly handles cases for clients  living in the areas of Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.  
WESLEE "Tek" LIM   -  2014 Scholarship Recipient  
Tek H. Lim (Weslee Lim) is majoring in International Business at Florida International University. He is originally
from Cambodia and transferred from Limkokwing University of Creativity Technology to FIU in 2011 to pursue his
degree and life in the United States. Throughout the years of his education in America, he developed a strong
interest in photography through travels and digital art painting via art and charity events. Continuing his strong
passion for humanity and community involvement for his own people in a struggling Cambodia, Tek continues to
advocate for equality and those in need here in Miami. Tek plans to continue his education, personal, and
professional growth while continuing to give back to society here and overseas.
Hernan Valverde has a long & successful career in Liquor Sales, Marketing & Management. Currently the account
director for HIRO Sake.  Valverde is a proud father of 2 boys, works tirelessly in his support for the LGBT
community, and also serves on the Miami Beach Gay Pride board of directors.
Maritza (Mari) Zapata is known for her drive to support with countless hours in volunteering in various organizations.
Born and raised in Colombia, she started become active in her parent’s organization called ‘S.O.S Colombia’ to
raise funds for children in need in Colombia. Furthering her helping hand in designing for the Troops as well as
aiding in Runway Production and is a community leader of “Be What’s Possible”  Gap Inc. Organization.
Aside from working with Camp Old Navy, teaching children from the Boys & Girls Club the inner workings  of retail,
she has raised funds for Alex Lemonade Stand. She has volunteered her time in Ronald McDonald House of
Roanoke and Daily Bread of Lynchburg. Partnered with Boys & Girls Club to make a difference and currently has
dedication time and effort to UC\CU. Mari's talents shine with passion each time she dedicates into making a
difference.  Her goals are always helping kids but she also assist UC|CU in reaching out to the demographics that
affect all Latin LGBT today. Her passion and drive will not stop there. She continues to Volunteer becoming an
inspiration to those around her.
Successful Senior Business/Systems Analyst with a technical writing background highlighting over 20 years of
experience in Business Analysis, SDLC, Agile/Scrum & Six Sigma Methodologies across a wide array of industries.
Highly experienced with Requirements Gathering, Business Requirements (BRD) documentation, Functional
System Design Documentation (FSD), Process modeling with strong writing, scripting, and design/architecture
documentation experience. Data Mining/Data Analysis experience involving Statistical Data & Business Intelligence
information to help identify/develop new strategic business opportunities for improvement. Excellent track record of
partnering with IT Business Analysts & Project Managers in delivering quality process training to various technical
staff and well versed in compliance metrics such as: Sarbanes-Oxley Metrics system as a guide for writing IT and
financial procedures for Financial/Accounting Risk assessments. Detail Oriented Senior Business Analyst with
strong communication and Leadership abilities.
HAROLD SLOAN-MARRERO    Harold@unitycoalition.org

Harold Sloan-Marrero is the Director of Communications at St. John’s on the Lake United Methodist Church on
Miami Beach where he specializes in web development and print design. Harold is Cuban-American, and was
born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He was legally married to his husband Alex Sloan-Marrero, on January 6, 2015, the day
that same-sex marriage became legal in Florida. Harold and Alex have worked with many non-profit organizations
throughout South Florida, helping with media production, fundraising efforts, volunteer organizing, and online
outreach. Harold is also the co-ordinator and founder of No Reservations, an ecumenical, progressive Christian
group for people seeking faith in Miami where all are welcome regardless of ethnicity, race, color, national origin,
sexual orientation, or gender identity.